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A smile is worth a thousand words

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2016 is set to be an important year in the trend for tracking emotions if recent research, technology and partnerships are anything to go by.

MediaCom has just entered into a global partnership with Realeyes that uses webcams to measure how people feel while watching video content. It will enable the media agency to assess the emotional power of every piece of video content it briefs out, to ensure it is as engaging as possible and delivered to the most receptive audience.

Market research companies have also been investing in technology that enables them to track emotions. This is because it has been proven that successful advertising makes you feel something and in turn a successful emotional campaign leads to long-term profitability and big business effects*.

What is the best way to test a video using this technology?
In order to get meaningful results, you need to test the film as closest to the final thing as possible. If it involves real people then you need to use real people in the test – CGI or illustrations just won’t have the same connection.

*Les Binet and Peter Field: The Long and the Short of it: Balancing the short and long-term effects of marketing.

Claire HunnsA smile is worth a thousand words