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Emotional testing will drive digital content

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A recent article in Marketing magazine highlighting ‘The 10 social video trends to look out for in 2015’ has at number 3 that emotional testing and targeting will drive digital content strategy (Oliver Smith, Marketing magazine 13.01.2015).

As advertisers invest bigger budgets in making and distributing ads that create an emotional connection with consumers, testing and targeting for emotional resonance will become best practice. So what’s the best way to test a video based on emotion? Put simply, they should be pre-tested in the form in which they will reach the viewer to ensure meaningful results. If people are used in the final film then real people should be used
in the test.

At Photomatics, we have been creating test films with real people in real locations for 20 years. Hopefully it’s going to be a good 2015!

Claire HunnsEmotional testing will drive digital content