.r3d footage for download

r3d sample files for download

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A few months ago we shot our film ‘Flaws’ on a RED camera. Before the shoot-day we needed to get our hands on some downloadable .r3d files. It proved quite difficult to locate some decent .r3d footage that we could play about with. We wanted to double check our workflow and make sure the systems were up and running ready for the .r3d files. Now that we have finished the film (at the bottom of this page), I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the footage for everyone else to have a play with. Have fun with the footage and enjoy!

Here are the sample .r3d &.rmd files for download
It is 4480px x 1920px @ 24fps

You can download the codecs and REDCINE-X at www.red.com


Flaws, A Paul Winter and Mark Allin Film.

Mark Allinr3d sample files for download