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A smile is worth a thousand words

Claire Hunns Articles

2016 is set to be an important year in the trend for tracking emotions if recent research, technology and partnerships…

Claire HunnsA smile is worth a thousand words

The great expansion is complete

Claire Hunns Articles

Next door has now been finished and looks like this which means, with our existing studio, we are free to do…

Claire HunnsThe great expansion is complete

Nappiness all round

Claire Hunns Articles, Past Projects

Saatchi & Saatchi London came to us, looking for a company that could offer a cost effective solution while ensuring quality…

Claire HunnsNappiness all round

Association of Photographer 2015 awards

Claire Hunns Articles

Paul Winter, director and photographer, was nominated again for the AOP awards and selected for the 2015 exhibition and book…

Claire HunnsAssociation of Photographer 2015 awards

The great expansion is underway

Claire Hunns Articles, Brighton

It’s all go at Photomatics. Not only have we changed our name to Photomatic Films, we are doubling the size…

Claire HunnsThe great expansion is underway
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Emotional testing will drive digital content

Claire Hunns Articles

A recent article in Marketing magazine highlighting ‘The 10 social video trends to look out for in 2015’ has at number…

Claire HunnsEmotional testing will drive digital content

It must be Brighton

Mark Allin Articles, Testimonials

Working with Paul Winter is a must in Brighton. Old timer, young director and inventor, Paul leads his team like…

Mark AllinIt must be Brighton

Glossary of terms

Mark Allin Articles, Technical

Here is a list of all the relevant technical terms in relation to the production of a Photomatic or other…
Mark AllinGlossary of terms

Photomatics, Photomatix or Rotomatics

Claire Hunns Articles

What is a Photomatic? Originally a photomatic was a series of still photographs edited together and presented on screen in a sequence. Since the…

Claire HunnsPhotomatics, Photomatix or Rotomatics

Photomatics do aerobatics

Mark Allin Articles

We had a Photomatics company day out at Shoreham Airport with the Real Flying Company. We had 2 aeroplanes and…
Mark AllinPhotomatics do aerobatics

The chutney test

Claire Hunns Articles

Camilla and Suzi, two lovely creatives from Saatchi & Saatchi, sent us some chutney made by Camilla’s mum to thank…

Claire HunnsThe chutney test

Lip sync

Mark Allin Articles, Technical

Our client wanted us to cast for a Swiss accent so we shot this film to encourage them to overdub…

Mark AllinLip sync

Public transport

Mark Allin Articles, Technical

Shooting on public transport is a big challenge for any production company but not for us.

Mark AllinPublic transport

Brighton in the 1940s

Mark Allin Articles, Brighton

A retro look at Brighton seafront back in the 1940’s. Just around the corner from our studio.

Mark AllinBrighton in the 1940s

Eric : Short Film

Mark Allin Articles, Short films

Éric is the story of a broken man – we pick up his story just as he has made up…

Mark AllinEric : Short Film

The 1st ever Photomatic!

Paul Winter Articles, Past Projects

Back in 1994 we produced our first ever Photomatic. Since then we have continually looked for ways to improve our…

Paul WinterThe 1st ever Photomatic!